The Convenience of Moving Flame Taper Candles

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Taper candles are elegantly designed, tall and thin candles commonly used for special events, holidays, and family dinners. The problem with tapers is they quickly melt, creating a mess of handle holders, table cloths, and wood finishes. A moving flame LED taper offers a modern solution that doesn’t compromise the ambience or traditional look of an open flame candle. Your flameless taper candles will be much safer, more convenient, and efficient, while still providing the same beauty of an open flame candle.

When choosing a battery operated candle for your store, owners will want to choose a brand that offers high quality products at reasonable prices. Consumers are most concerned with the look and function of their LED candles, ultimately choosing something that looks and feels realistic, and is made out of wax.

Make sure that the LED tapers you choose are beautiful, with an authentic glow and flicker. Mirage LED tapers by Candle Impressions cast a gorgeous, clean light that creates a dancing flame effect. These tapers have flexible adapters, allowing them to fit into standard candlestick holders, maintaining the theme and look you like on your dinner table.
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What Is a Taper?

To taper means to diminish or reduce in thickness towards one end. This slender candle does exactly that. Tall, thin, and traditional, taper candles must be burned in a candleholder, which often leads to wax dripping onto the holder and table beneath. A moving flame taper is a flameless candle that provides the look of a moving flame, without the risk of mess or fire.

Why Choose Moving Flame Tapers?

Candleholders for tapers can be difficult to clean and dripping wax can damage your tables and floors. Open flame candles also present a fire risk and users must take the necessary precautions when choosing where to place their candles. With an LED candle, there is no risk of fire or mess. Clean, odourless, and safe, your moving flame taper will be ready to set the mood when the time is right and can be used over and over again. Best of all, Mirage tapers by Candle Impressions fit into all standard candlestick holders, making them easy to use with your existing accessories.


Candle Impressions, the originator of the flameless candle, has established itself as one of the best-selling manufacturers in the industry. With a team of in-house engineers dedicated to innovation, they have continued to add timer features to their moving flame taper candles and are available in a number of other candle styles to complement the tapers.

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